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Levi’s Redwire

Sound investment in design reaps $5 billion

Levi Strauss & Co created the world’s first blue jeans in 1873, setting a precedent for fresh thinking that continues to this day. The company’s Advanced Innovation Team asked PDD to help them discover and explore some new and unpatented design ideas – concepts that would be relatively easy, quick and inexpensive to manufacture, but also highly fashionable and newsworthy.

PDD considered the social landscape surrounding today’s jeans wearer and hit upon the idea of incorporating Apple’s iconic iPod into the pocket. After rigorous feasibility studies and extensive prototyping at the Levi’s manufacturing site, PDD finessed the design with the help of apparel consultancy Goose Design (www.gooseuk.com). Working together, they sourced the necessary materials, manufacturers and distributors, while assuming responsibility for quality control throughout the supply chain.

Since going into production, the world’s first iPod compatible jean – the Levi’s RedWire DLX – has exceeded sales expectations and added $5 billion to the company’s brand equity.

"The Levis RedWire DLX Jean is the latest extension of Levi’s brand leadership position. By merging fashion and technology, we’re providing consumers with the most innovative way to enhance their portable, digital music lifestyle."

Robert Hanson, Levis U.S. brand president

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