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Loqski Pocket Sized Ski Lock

Loqski - small, secure & simple

Skis and poles are expensive items which owners are often reluctant to leave unattended.  The challenge posed to PDD by start-up ‘Loqski’ was to develop a simple and pocketable method to secure skis and poles and deter opportunistic theft.

We assessed early ideas ranging from electronic to mechanical.

Having analysed many types of skis, we proposed to use the snow brake cross-over area as a common means to secure them and early proof-of-concept models were tested on the ski slopes to assess ease of use and effectiveness.

The chosen lock concept includes a readily available barrel mechanism and a novel mechanical arrangement to suit the varied ski and pole designs.  PDD developed the mechanical engineering and made visual working models for trade shows.  Following positive feedback from major brands, retail, rental operators and users, PDD specified the design for manufacture.

The patented Loqski gives users the ability to secure their skis and poles in the locker room and out on the slopes.

See the final product on www.loqski.com

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